Meet the Doctor

K. Shane Neifert, D.C.

Dr. Neifert was born into a military family.  Being born a month and a half early meant that instead of being born in Sacramento at the Mather Air Force Base he was born in Roswell New Mexico, where his father was being trained to operate navigational equipment for B-52 aircraft.  The story goes that without a crib to lay him in, a drawer from the dresser in the motel worked really well.  The first six years saw Dr. Neifert in Rancho Cordova California.  There were lots of fruit trees in the back yard that provided summer treasures.  Typical boyhood activities occurred with his neighbor Mike and the kids across the street.  His curious and investigative nature kept his mother hopping.  Hearing footsteps on the roof one day, she went to see what the noise was… her two year old baby (Shane) had climbed to the roof via the fence and was running around with his good friend Mike.  Frequent trips to the fruit stand and the health food store were part of life.  Dr. Neifert’s maternal grandmother has long passed on the traits of self sufficiency and natural remedies.  Born in 1910 she walked a couple of miles daily and kept a vegetable garden well into her 90′s.  Shane’s paternal great grandfather was a country doctor in Iowa.  So natural foods and healing come from both sides of his family.

There was one move at 7 years of age to Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville Arkansas.  It provided new friends and a lake across the street that offered cat fishing.  Dr. Neifert spent several summers watching the sun rise and his fishing pole simultaneously, often bringing a string of fish home before breakfast.  With a job offer in a new town his family moved to Memphis when he was 13.  He attended high school at a small preparatory school that offered small classes and great teachers.

College brought a move to Utah and a 2 year church mission to Mexico.  He received a BA degree in Communications from Brigham Young University.  College also provided an opportunity to meet his wife, Sherry.  The best decision he ever made was to marry her.  After two or three years in his own advertising business, a move to Southern California brought changes in jobs that forced a rethinking of priorities.  The oil business and working in sales for a collection company weren’t satisfying.  When a chiropractor helped him with a case of shingles Dr. Neifert realized how important chiropractic services were to all of us.  After some sole searching, he decided to move to Missouri to go to Logan College of Chiropractic with his wife and then two children.  It brought great joy to find something he felt passionate about.  The first day in class as he looked around and visited with other students, it felt like old home week and a family reunion.  It all just clicked.

After graduation he spent 4 years working with a local St. louis chiropractor.   Dr. Neifert opened his own office at the current location late in 1998.  Life goes by quickly.  His natural curiosity has not waned…he still likes climbing on roofs, and he enjoys researching new products and techniques on behalf of his patients.  Watching his family of five children gain life experiences and develop brings great joy. Even better are the grand kids because you get all the good stuff and very little of the bad.  There are few greater joys than helping others reach their health goals.


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