Cancer: Causes, Conditions, and Symptoms

Cancer: Causes, Conditions, and Symptoms

All of us have had cancer.  Out of the trillions of cells in our body occasionally one goes nuts and tries to take over the whole being, a zealot revolutionary with big ideas.  Usually our local police come along and perform a quick execution to eliminate the attempted coup.  This describes what happens in most of our bodies as our immune system sends out the troops to clean up any disruptive cells wherever they may be.  When stress on the system overloads the body, the immune function slows down and allows the rebel cells to succeed in taking over by forming more cells like it until there is a tumor.   

We may reduce our risk of cancer by eliminating stress in multiple areas.  Nutrition, sleep, emotional, exercise, energetic, and nerve stress caused from misaligned joints are areas that contribute to our well being.  Do well in all these areas and your risk is greatly reduced.  Harvard produced a study a few years back that concluded that 65% of all cancers were caused by life style choices.  These included smoking, drinking, diet and the thoughts we think. 

If the facts are that lifestyles greatly affect our immune function, how are we to increase our function to its optimum?  A list of items to do include:

            1.Enjoy life – have a purpose for being here, be passionate about your job, love your family and fellow beings 

            2. Avoid known risk factors (smoking, chemicals, manmade foods, and elevated excess red meat consumption) 

            3. Eat proper oils such as healthy vegetable saturated fats (coconut and palm oils), organic butter, and extra virgin olive oil.  Avoid as much as possible vegetable oils in all forms including flax, safflower, soy, canola, corn, and others.

             4. Eat the proper way that those civilizations have eaten that have avoided the cancer rates we have.  Fresh, whole, organic, locally grown and available are the ideal ways of choosing which is best for you.  Eliminate processed and refined foods completely.

             5. Supplement with food concentrates vs. chemically derived nutrients.  When you have a true food source you’ll read food on the label and not a list of chemicals in the lab in the list of ingredients.

            6. Be in tune with your environment.  Avoiding excessive exposure to electro magnetic fields, pollution, or caustic friends.

             7. Exercise consistently.  Maintain a routine of exercise that improves your level of muscle tone and blood flow.

             8. Remember and practice balance in all things.

             9. Avoid being motivated by fear. 

What the patient with cancer needs to be careful about is to avoid the fear motivation.  Many doctors use this motivation to persuade the patient to do a particular therapy or suffer the consequences.  There are alternatives that may have higher success rates than traditional therapies when used correctly, and they should be considered and prayed about.  When someone uses the terms “have to” or “you’ll die without this” you’re hearing the well practiced fear technique.  Don’t buy into it.  Use your heart and gather information to make your own judgment on what is best for you. 

There is so much information available that practically one could spend all their time doing all the remedies and have no time or money left.  The basics are the best place to start.  Begin by outlining what course of care will be followed, then reevaluate in one month to determine how well you are doing in the areas of energy, emotions, function, and attitude.  By putting yourself in charge of your own health care and being responsible you’ll attain much better success. 

Remember that it’s your bodies’ ability to function well that provides your level of health.  Should you desire to be healthier then strengthen your weakest area first.  Then move on to your next weakest area.  By maintaining a positive motion towards optimum health you will be making advances that are literally changing you from the inside out.  This is not treating the symptom.  A tumor is a symptom  of a poor functioning immune system.  Everyone is exposed to germs, viruses, and molds.  How our bodies respond to these and other stresses is the key.  What determines that response is our ability to function.  Improve your function and you are a better you. 

A sense of humor is vital.  Stress is internal perceptions of our circumstances.  By enjoying some lighter thoughts and laughter we change our perspective and lessen our burden we place upon ourselves.  The less the internal weight on ourselves the higher we may reach in our potentials.  The  power of clean, positive, and focused thinking is tremendous.  The most important fight to win in this life is the one for our own thoughts.  This is especially true of someone faced with cancer and all the negative stereotyping that goes with it. 

The contribution that Chinese medicine has to make to the modern western worlds understanding of cancer is its ability to describe the way in which stress, or internalized anger and frustration existing and compounding in complex multiple layers year after year unite along with other contributing factors to form the psycho-spiritual-physical knot that becomes cancer in human beings.  Under this logic cancer is not an arbitrary, pernicious or accidental phenomenon that mysteriously attacks otherwise healthy individuals.  Rather, the course of cancer development can be traced with a certain predictability and accuracy over many years, and the appearance of a malignant tumor simply marks the end of a long degenerative process. 

In order to maximize one’s chances of avoiding cancer, a person would have to monitor and regulate all aspects of their life, and even then they would not be absolutely safe, because constitutional deficiency or energy changes as a result of aging can lead to cancer.  Environmental carcinogens are not always known at the time. 

The condition of stagnation and deficiency of energy provide fertile ground for the growth of tumors.  Though it may take years to develop, once it becomes established a tumor can grow very quickly.  Except for rare cases, cancer is almost always a late stage complicated disease. This is regardless of how early the tumor is discovered.  The traditional Chinese medicine approach is to work on the entire system, and this involves not just shrinking the tumor, but also eliminating the energy stagnation and deficiency while treating he pain. 

Finally, the treatment of cancer requires an understanding by both the physician and the patient that many and diverse causes usually converge over a long period of time to produce the cancer condition.  A tumor is usually one of many symptoms of cancer, and the main thrust of therapy must be to eliminate the underlying cancer condition.  Until the patient  has change the conditions that brought on the cancer, it will not permanently go away.

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