Immune Disorders May Show Promising Improvement with Cytolog

    Immune Disorders May Show

                            Promising Improvement with Cytolog

As an alternative healthcare provider, finding natural ways of helping patients is one of the great joys of being in practice.  I recently relearned that just because something is relatively new and works great, it does not mean that is has received the deserved exposure.  Through a patient who was requesting gluten-free multivitamins, I contacted a company and received information of a “new” product called Cytolog™ that has been shown to help celiac patients.  The more I looked into the product and its research, the more intrigued I became.  Cytolog™ has been available since 1990.  Researchers have performed several studies that should prompt large research facilities to consider trials for autoimmune illnesses.  Of the studies reviewed, I was impressed with the results obtained for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Sprue, and other inflammatory autoimmune diseases.  What great relief this product may offer these patients.  

Cytolog™ (derived from colostrum, blood serum, or milk), is an infopeptide that transfers information to the cells.  Think of it as your cells’ equivalent of biological software.  Research has shown that Cytolog™ carries information throughout the body that affects the immune system.  Infopeptides control how the immune system responds to outside exposures.  If you have an overactive or underactive immune system, this infopeptide has been proven to give the message to the cell on how to properly respond.  This may explain how patients with immune problems improved in the studies.  For those who see improvement, the health benefits may be profound. 

Some of the documented cases that have benefited from Cytolog™ usage are Multiple Sclerosis in six weeks.  Celiac Sprue in a week.  Crohn’s Disease, Sjogren’s Syndrome and Perthes Disease (osteochondritis), Lupus, food allergies, leaky gut (as found in some cases of Autism), Diabetes, and Mononucleosis.  You will note that most of the mentioned ailments have autoimmune function at the heart of the condition.  With the correct cellular information on how to respond to a given set of circumstances, the body appears to return to normal function. 

The good news is that Cytolog™ appears to not be a crutch, and does not artificially support a weakened system.  Some Celiac Sprue patients proved negative to all four antibody tests after six weeks after stopping Cytolog™ and eating normal diets.  In another study, AIDS patients have shown a 63% reduction of symptoms with administration of this infopeptide.  Cytolog™ is not expensive compared to other therapies, has no known side affects, is easily taken, and is available as a nutritional supplement in my office.  Cytolog™ is not a cure all.  However, if you have an autoimmune disorder, it may offer you some benefit.

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