Cleansing for Life

Cleansing for Life

By Dr. K. Shane Neifert 

Regularly I will have a patient call me about what can be done to help their friend whom they are concerned about. Their friend usually has hypertension, high cholesterol, 50 to 200 extra pounds, diabetes, and low energy. Sound familiar? Truly well intending friends are striving to help these individuals. Interesting they don’t call themselves. Usually my next response is to ask if they are willing to do anything themselves. 

Maybe change their lifestyles – such as their choices of food. If they are willing then the next step is to determine their willingness to do a cleanse. There is nothing as beneficial as unloading the bodies liver,

kidneys, and intestines of waste materials. One the best cleanses is a program I carry in my office from Arise and Shine. It incorporates a combination of herbs, fiber, good flora, and bentonite clay in their kit to help the novice to advanced patient. The novice will begin by doing the mild to gentle phases of the cleanse. They allow for a thorough cleanse without all the stress of fasting that causes many stress. Note that after 2 to 3 weeks the mild phase is able to reduce a lot of impacted waste that is referred to a mucoid plack. This mucoid plack is usually eliminated in large amounts for those that are first cleansing. The average 1st timer will pass 16 or so feet of this stringy tough odd looking stuff out of their bowels in pieces over a week or so. That means the average person is carrying that much around with them and doesn’t even know it. The whole reason to use the cleanse as a starting point is to give the person a great beginning to improvement. Some the first things they will see is improved energy. Then they will have a significant amount of weight loss of which a large portion will be fat. Many of the patients are losing 15 to 20 lbs. in the first month. That alone is a great help to many of the patients to motivate further involvement and follow through. Yet, without the resolve to stay with a lifestyle change of eating better foods and avoiding the bad ones the cleanse is only sort lived. Stopping the poor choices is essential to making long term changes in the direction we are heading in. Things that are on the obvious stop using list include: white flour, white sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, MSG (found in most fast foods), smoking, alcohol, over consumption of meat, microwaved food and any preprocessed boxed or bagged

food items. The microwaved food probably surprised you, though you should be aware that up to 90% of the vitamins are lost in the mirowaving of the food such as broccoli vs. 30% steamed. 

Begin the cleansing process by reviewing your areas of weakness. Then determine if you what to do something about it. By reducing your exposure to harmful habits you limit your damage in the future. Prepare to cleanse using the Arise and Shine kit at least annually to eliminate the waste that builds up.

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