Heavy Metal Buildup

Heavy Metal Buildup

By Dr. K. Shane Neifert 

We have all heard of ideas that aluminum has something to do with Alzheimer’s disease.  We have also heard some rumors that mercury in fillings has contributed to some peoples health issues.  What most of us are unaware of is that there are a number of other sources and complications of metals on our body’s functions.  Usually the heavy metals have an affinity to cause neurological disorders.  People go nuts.  Avoiding sources of heavy metal contamination and understanding how to eliminate the heavy metals are a real good resource for anyone living in an industrial society.  That’s us.

 One of the minerals that are essential yet deadly is manganese.  It is found in different metal compounds like those used by welders.  When we get too much manganese in our system it affects our brain function similar to Parkinson’s disease.  The dopamine is reduced in the brain and a cascade of malfunction follows.  Note that those who have a high level of manganese will generally show in the early stages a trend to be violent.  There was a landmark study done (Gottshcalk Study) in the late 80’s to uncover the trends to several mass murders committed by sociopathic individuals.  It was discovered in doing their hair analysis and comparing it to convicted violent criminals in the California penal system that the connection was a high level of manganese in their system.  Those who committed violent crimes on average had 4 times more manganese in their system as measured with hair analysis than the average public or their guards.  What may be occurring in our society is a group of individuals who are exposed to high levels of manganese are trending to commit violent crimes.  Early detection of their tendencies would allow prevention of the accumulation of the mineral and allow providers the opportunity to reduce the load by use of chelation. 

Another metal that has been known to cause problems is iron.  Too little and we have anemia.  Excessive bleeding during a menstrual cycle is the most common cause of anemia.  Typically it is in young females with irregular cycles.  Yet too much iron and the problems can be much worse.  Iron has an affinity to affect heart and vascular tissue.  Women that go through menopause catch up to their husbands with heart disease very quickly when they no longer bleed once a month on their cycle.  Note that over consumption of meat and eating out of cast iron cookware will bring larger amounts of iron into the system and cause the tissue iron content to rise.  This increase in iron levels will in turn have an affinity to affect heart and larger vessels in the body.  Giving blood is a good measure to insure a reduction of iron levels for those who are males or females after menopause.  Iron deficiencies will have other side affects besides anemia.  It has been know to cause digestive disturbances, mental confusion, slowed learning, and lethargy.  Many elderly that suffer from arthritis may suffer from iron malabsorption due to their inflammatory condition.  This leads to anemia and its host of problems getting oxygen to the brain and tissues. 

 Silver is also a heavy metal and may if exposed for whatever reason to larger quantities also create problems.  Industrial manufacturing has been known to contribute many of the heavy metal elements to workers.  My main concern is for the patient that really desires health and buys an electrolysis unit will be designed to put silver in solution to be used as colloidal silver.  The patient desires to improve their health and if a little is good a lot must be better.  Therefore increases the time and parts per million significantly and also drinks larger quantities than normal.  This has in several cases caused silver accumulation that literally changes the skin tone to ash grey.  It takes a relatively long time but can occur.  Topical silver salves may contribute to the accumulation as well. 

Cadmium is the heavy metal that is transferred to smokers from their tobacco.  It is also found in industrial manufacturing like other heavy metals.  Cadmium is used in the farming practices as a fungicide to preserve the plants and on average 1.4 micrograms of cadmium are delivered to the smoker with every cigarette.  Another reason to quite smoking.  Zinc acts like an antidote to cadmium and having enough in the body is a great way to eliminate the offending metal from the system.  Note that wheat contains in nature a ratio of 1 to 120 of zinc to cadmium.  In processed foods such as white flour the ration becomes 1 to 12, thus contributing to the escalation of cadmium in the system.  Another great reason to eat whole grain products and fresh vegetables so as to improve the proper ratios of minerals found in nature. 

When Dr. Davies of British Biolabs Medical Unit performed a study of 23,000+ patients for heavy metals (aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic) they discovered a high correlation between elevated metals and dementia.  We should be aware that living in a society that concentrates pesticides, pollutants and metals will have harmful affects on our system.  What we can do about it is limit our damage and be aware of the exposures we have had by testing ourselves through hair analysis.  Hair analysis has proven to be the most effective way of finding heavy metal buildup over periods of time. 

Once we know we have heavy metals in our system in elevated quantities we are able to rid ourselves of the overload through several means.  Stop exposing ourselves to heavy metals and let our bodies eliminate as best they can through our own lymph system.  We may take chelation therapy from qualified practitioners.  We may also use homeopathic and supplemental products that have shown to do a respectable job of pulling metals out of our tissues.  Retesting is always a good idea to insure the metals are leaving the system.  I have good success using a homeopathic liquid called Metaltox and it’s companion Biodetox.  I have also recommended to my patients that they drink distilled water for several months to help pull the toxins out more rapidly.  The distilled water is highly polar and will grab metals very easily and pull them out through the lymph and kidneys.  Eating organic sources of food with heavy emphasis on greens and other vegetables is also an integral part of achieving wellness.

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