Ion Foot Bath Cleans up

Ion Foot Bath Cleans up

By Dr. K. Shane Neifert 

For years I have discussed my patient’s desire to cleanse toxins out of their systems. Several approaches have been developed to facilitate the cleansing process; everything from diets, enemas, saunas, fasts, to homeopathy, water therapy, etc.  One particular internal cleanse is very effective, yet very difficult to get patients to do.  Eating nothing but vegetables for four weeks while taking herbs or shakes every hour and a half is not the easiest program to get patient compliance on.  Another procedure, the use of Oxymega, an oxygen colon cleanser, is able to pull out some toxins from the lining of the intestines, yet stops short of doing a complete detox for the system.  Until now a number of procedures had to be done to accomplish a full body detoxification.  This series of procedures took time and diligence to accomplish.  

Last year I heard of a new approach using ionized salt water in a footbath to pull toxins, contaminants, heavy metals, and debris out of the body through the skin.  Being skeptical I went online and read as much as I could about the procedure.  The more I read the less skeptical I became.  It works by basic polar attraction.  Positive ions attract negative ions like a magnet.  The body begins a flushing of the ions from the system that match up with their opposites in the ionized bath.  This flushing releases wastes through the skin painlessly.  Many feel a sense of relaxation when the procedure is done and get the thorough night’s rest they have not experienced in some time.  For some, they receive a boost of energy as well. 

As a few patients, friends, and family extolled the benefits they received from the use of this technology elsewhere, I began to see the benefits they discussed and witnessed in their own health.  I purchased a machine for our office.  As usual, my most sensitive patients offered the best test of its effectiveness.  Neither they nor I were disappointed.  

We have seen in the last month a number of patient improvements including help for chronic pain, energy flow, migraines lessened, and a greater sense of well being.  Several studies that I found also support the improvements we observed.  One study showed an increase of muscle strength while another measured the amount of heavy metals in the residual water after the ionic footbath was completed. 

To allow patients the opportunity to experience this technology for themselves, we offer the 1st bath in our office for $30.  Many have felt results with the 1st bath.  Typically, a complete cleanse, requires a series of sessions over a 2 month period of time.  This new tool offers improved health to our patients while allowing ease of use.  It is relatively inexpensive for a series of 10 – 12 treatments.

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