Fall Cleansing Update

Fall Cleansing Update

By K. Shane Neifert, D.C. 

The 15th July a special news report was overshadowed by world events.  The federal government paid $100,000 to do a unique study of umbilical cord blood contamination of 10 randomly chosen women.  They found that the average woman has 248 harmful chemicals in their umbilical blood going to their fetus.  This implies that all of us have the same contamination in our systems.  These chemicals come from our air, water, and food supplies.  The article did not address how to get the chemicals out of our systems.  

There are natural ways to accomplish the decontamination of our tissues.  At St. Louis Spine & Health Center, we have multiple ways to assist our bodies naturally in that process.  The most effective and least invasive method is the ionic foot bath by Erchonia.  We have seen over 450 individual baths and have concluded it really works.  We have seen improvements in patients with arthritis, learning disabilities, fibromyalgia, energy imbalances, and emotional blockages.  It is wonderful to see children that may now sit longer, have better eye contact, and focus better after doing the cleanse.   

The most dramatic cases are those that change the water with large amounts of contamination that smells.  Several of our patients work around chemotherapy and the toxic drugs used for cancer care.  Their foot baths have really smelled foul, as the contaminates are removed during the bath process.  Two other patients have had histories of working in state and federal cleanup sites.  Their water had an equally bad smell.  It is not uncommon to smell a strong odor of chlorine in the foot bath when finished.  Most of us have bathed in chlorinated water most of our lives.  We have also seen particles and color changes as the toxins leave the body of a variety of patients.  

Many experience a mellow feeling of calm and relaxation that allows them to sleep very well.  They may get a boost of energy  the next day or two that allows them to accomplish more than they thought possible.  Smokers have mentioned less cravings for tobacco.  Occasionally there are emotional releases that occur as the contaminants are being released.  Some of our female patients may experience cycle changes as well.  Several commented that their cycle flow became more mucus filled and came earlier than normal.  Other patients noticed their bowels became looser. As the body pushes out toxins over the following days it is not surprising to hear of ways our bodies will move contaminates out. 

We look forward to helping our patients detox this fall so they may enjoy life to the fullest.

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