Losing weight and Detoxing Healthfully

Losing weight and Detoxing Healthfully

by K. Shane Neifert, D.C. 

What a wonderful goal to do two good things at once. And it is so easy to do too. Doing a thorough detoxification and colon cleanse has the side benefit of helping my patients lose 10 to 30 pounds without starving themselves. They are eating from a wide variety of vegetables and fruits to satisfy their hunger. As they cleanse themselves of toxins and mucoid plaque a new found energy emerges and amazing changes begin to occur. Skin looks better, bowels work better, eyes get clearer, energy is maintained longer, immune functions improve, and weight is lost. 

To keep the weight off one must continue to burn more calories that you take in. Yet, less than 2,000 calories a day (for the average woman) is starvation and loss of nutrients the body needs to maintain proper functions. Without those nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, minerals, essential fatty acids, and enzymes) you won’t live a long and productive life. Just think of the stories you have heard of elderly that lose a spouse, they become depressed and stop cooking for themselves. Their health deteriorates quickly and they are then placed in a retirement community because they are not able to care for themselves any longer. Lack of nutrition is a quick way to dysfunction. Losing weight because you are not eating only sounds good until you figure out you now have an eating disorder. Eating the right foods and exercising enough to burn off the extra calories is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. Eating the right foods is generally well known to all of us. Remembering to do it and maintaining it are another matter. It is not rocket science, its just common sense. 

The best cleanse I have found for my patients is the 28 day Cleanse Thyself Detox Program from Arise and Shine. It provides two 28 cleanses per kit and gets by far the best results of any cleanses that we have tried hands down. It entails being able to take a shake, supplements, or food every hour and a half. It is not about starving at all. It is about following a regimen of fruits and vegetables with occasional grains and potatoes. Literally lives have been changed for the better as this transformation to improved health is made by those that initiate the process and begin to do a thorough cleanse. Call the office and pick up a 28 day Cleanse Thyself Purification kit today. You’ll be very thankful you did.

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