Energy Healing is All Around Us

Energy Healing is All Around Us

There are many sources of vibrations which may aid us in healing our selves.  Sun light is the most common form of light waves we are exposed to which affect our being.  Individual suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) are those who are depressed with the lack of sun shine in darker climates.  Many have heard of minerals such as crystals that put off specific frequencies.  Plants contain their own wave length and part of the herb benefit we receive is from their vibrational quality.  These may be seen in products such as aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, and essential oils.  Homeopathy represents another form of energy that affects our wellbeing.  Small amounts of substances such as minerals or plants are used in stimulating an immune response in the system.   Acupuncture pathways, Chakras, and even thoughts are part of our ability to affect the energy balance in our lives. 

Many have found this source of healing and balancing to be extremely valuable.  What I have seen in my practice is that for some individuals vibrations or frequencies are critically important to resolving their health issues.  Some do marvelously at homeopathic remedies, while others need that special Bach flower essence to resolve that emotional blockage.  We are all different and not every remedy is as beneficial to one as another.  Think of it as finding the most appropriate match for your best friend.  They could go out with any one yet there are only a few that really light their eyes up and have great chemistry.  Finding the most appropriate match is really where the practitioner earns their pay.  By being sensitive to the prompting one feels, following the intuition, or using appropriate diagnostic methods a healer/practitioner may truly shorten up the process and eliminate a lot of wasted trial and error. 

Energy balance is part of us.  It literally may be measured in our being through several different methods.  One of the ways to measure the energy balance of an individual is through the use of kirlian photography.  You may have seen the National Geographic spread from the seventies on this method of visualizing energy.  A number of individuals in the past decade have searched for a correlation between health and energy production in the finger tips.  I spoke with an engineer who manufactures kirlian photographic equipment who commented how dramatic the changes were between a before and after adjustment from a chiropractor or an acupuncture session.  My own patients have commented the same to me.  Once their energy balance has been addressed many that have suffered chronic illnesses make great strides back to health.  This is usually noticed a day or so from the first balancing that is performed.  I have been very pleased to see how long the average patient remains in balance once they have been through a typical energy balancing session.  Another method or measurement involves the testing of energy on the sing points.  This involves using the points next to the fingernails for a measurement of sensitivity.  Another method involves using reflex work to determine weakness and strength in individuals.  This is my personal favorite and is seen by many a way to directly tap into the body’s awareness of needs.  Many see the reflexes as fuses that when blown point to possible areas of concern.  Balancing out that energy then becomes an issue to finding the appropriate match as was discussed earlier.  Nails need a hammer.  Screws need a screwdriver.  

For the skeptics of the world a few questions which one might ask when approaching a new area such as this. “How long has it been around?” would be a good one.  If there isn’t any value to the procedure it will generally pass from usage fairly quickly ten for so years.  Doctors who get paid for helping patients get well gravitate to procedures that work quickly and effectively.  Who in their right mind performs a procedure that doesn’t work or hold any value to the patient, they won’t be in practice long if they do.  Homeopathy has passed the hundred year mark and is used by numerous practitioners in globally.  Acupuncture and chakra balancing has been performed for centuries in the east and continues to grow in our population as a way to address energy concerns.  Look at the fundamental purpose of the procedure.  Does it approach your own need to achieve greater health?   Just because it is new to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain any merit.  An open mind is valuable when considering new (to you) procedures or methods.  Ask questions.  Ask who is good.  When looking for an herbalist, ask for recommendations from the massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, or health food store owner.  Others in the health field generally know who is known in the area.  If you get the same recommendations that’s a good place to start. 

May you find balance in your life in all areas including energy.

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