Energy Balancing by Use of Hands

Energy Balancing by Use of Hands


 It is not a common site to see someone use their hands to heal someone else without touching them.  Yet, there are a number of techniques that do just that.  The Chinese discovered years ago that the use of acupuncture was the movement or balancing of energy.  A technique such as chi gong, tai chi, or pranic healing are all similar in that they use a facilitator to move energy of a patient.  There are those individuals that have come across their own form of energy movement by following their own path as an offshoot of one the mentioned techniques.    

Several years ago, a book came to me from a relative called The Reconnection by Eric Pearl.  I read the story of his experience to find himself.  He worked through several years of asking questions about his abilities to move and reorganize energy of his patients.  I was intrigued to read of his experiences of using his hands to help his patients heal.  I felt impressed to use a similar method on my patients to see what would come of it.  At first I thought I felt a tingling or soft breeze from the air vents blowing on my hands.  Certainly I could not be able to feel the changes so fast, I thought.  Wrong.  After picking out 5 or 6 of my most trusted very sensitive patients to attempt the energy movement, I heard the same responses from most of them.  They felt a significant shift in their energy.  It would swirl and move in waves.  At times it would swell up and move through areas that were blocked.  

So, I felt that I could do the technique and actually move the energy positively for the patients.  Some who had pranic healing, Reiki, and Touch for Health commented that the energy work that I performed was different and more significant than the work performed by the mentioned techniques. I began when it felt right to use the technique on some patients.  Amazing things began to happen occasionally.  One of my former employees suffers from chronic migraines all of her adult life.  She had some benefit in the past while my employee, but now they were returning violently at her new job.  As I slowly moved my hands around her I noticed she began to shake mildly as if cold.  She did not have any pain for the shaking.  She just kept getting worse as I moved toward her head on the left side.  She now had her arms crossed on her chest and was having a hard time controlling herself on the table.  As I finished, her shaking quit and so did her migraines for the next month.  She was very pleased.  

Another time, a patient came in who had fibromyalgia and other complaints she forgot to tell me about.  As I reorganized her energy my hands became warm and very sensitive (as if someone put an electrical charge in them) over her heels.  She became uncomfortable on the table and began to whimper slightly.  When asked what she felt her comment was “It felt like you were hitting the bottom of my feet with a blow torch.”.  When she stood up she began to cry.  Her heel pain she came in with was greatly reduced and no longer felt like she was walking on broken glass.    

I don’t know when such events will occur, I just know the more I do the energy work the more it happens and patients receive benefits to their bodies function.  Occasionally the results are spectacular and humbling.  Some the lessons for me have been to follow the prompting when it comes to do the work, and keep an open mind to what ever comes along.  You never know when you will see marvelous changes.

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