Enzymes: A Natural Viox Replacement

Enzymes: A Natural Viox Replacement

  by Dr. K. Shane Neifert 

     With the recent recall of the pharmaceutical product Vioxä because of it’s life threatening side affects, I am once again restating a truth I’ve known and discussed before.  Chemical substances are typically not the optimal approach to solving the underlying problems in a natural body.  They often eliminate symptoms, but that’s like putting tape over your car’s engine warning light when it goes on.  Continue to drive the car, and the engine may fail.  The tape covers up the symptom, but the engine problem still exists.  Many drugs ‘cover’ the symptom but the source of the problem still exists and those same chemicals muddy the clear messages the body is sending to the nervous system-which inhibits that communication from addressing the true source of the condition.   

     There have been for several years, in the alternative health field, some waves being made for chronic pain suffers by using enzymes.  Europeans started the trend over 40 years ago and it now continues here in the US with our own improved version of it.  Enzymes initiate and increase the speed of reactions in the body.  They are essential for health and proper function. Fresh foods contain their own enzymes, which aid in digestion as we consume them. Over heating or over-processing fresh foods destroys those enzymes.  We therefor must dig into our own resources and storage supply to make digestion work properly.   Most of us don’t eat enough fresh raw foods, and therefore lack necessary enzymes.  By supplementing with a viable source of enzymes we may improve our body’s functions dramatically. 

     Several specific areas that I have seen benefits to my patients who begin to use enzyme therapy from World Nutrition’s VitalzymXä include reduced inflammation, less pain, better detoxification of the liver and blood, and improved digestion.  One of the sure signs that a product is working is when patients return and request to have more of it.  VitalzymXä has been one of those products.  Patients that try it, see the benefits promptly and want more of it.  Some of the conditions that have been helped by VitalzymXä users include: inflammation, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Allergies, Multiple Sclerosis, strains and sprains, and ulcerative colitis (among others).   

     By helping the body work more efficiently immune functions work better.  It is known that enzymes are able to help rid the body of viruses by facilitating a reduction of the protein shell that surrounds and protects the virus.  This makes the viruses more susceptible to your own immune systems attempts to eliminate them.   

     Another benefit from enzyme intake is the reduction of scar tissue.  Enzymes have an affinity to reduce fibrin.  Fibrin is the lumpy scar tissue that is left over from surgery or bad tissue tears.  You may recall seeing individuals with keloid formations after a moderate skin problem or stitches – that is scar tissue and fibrin build up.  Taking specific enzymes such as those found in VitalzymXä will reduce that build up. 

     VitalzymX safely reduces pain caused by inflamation, and provides additional benefits as mentioned.  I enthusiastically recommend it’s use, with confidence in it’s effectiveness.

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