The Obesity Maker

The Obesity Maker


by Dr. K. Shane Neifert

Ever wonder why so many Americans are obese? In many cases it may be due to a food additive that creates hunger and encourages more food consumption. When science studies require fat mice to perform a test, the mice must be forced to be fat, as mice and rats are not naturally fat. At birth the mice are injected with a chemical that increases the insulin produced by the pancreas causing the rats to eat more, gain weight and become fat. These rats are referred to in the medical community as “MSG- Treated Rats”.  What you may not be aware of is that using MSG is seen as a wonderful thing by many food manufacturers and they take great pride in using it to help the elderly to eat more. MSG actually adds a savory flavor that has a salivating effect on the consumer. Initially, it’s unlikely that anyone knew of it’s dangers and the negative effect it has on the eating habits of millions. Currently, we have rampant obesity problems in the USA. Should we be exposed to a chemical that increases our appetite as well? The obvious answer is NO!

MSG is found in many restaurant’s food and in a plethora of preprocessed food items purchased at the grocery store. Why? Because MSG makes you hungry which encourages you to eat more. If you were an owner of a fast food restaurant chain selling chicken, burgers, salads, fries, tacos, breakfast foods etc. wouldn’t you want a secret weapon that would cause your patrons to eat more of your stuff? Sure you would. Most just have turned a blind eye to the research that points a FAT finger at the dangers of MSG usage.

Here is a great experiment. Go to your pantry and start pulling out the foods on the shelf. Look on the ingredient lists. The following words are versions of MSG; Monosodium Glutamate, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, plant protein extract, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, yeast extract, textured

protein, autolyzed yeast or natural flavorings (this last one may be MSG as well). You will no doubt find many of the items you thought were safe contain the chemical. Note that many of our personal favorites contain MSG, such as salad dressings, quick fix meals, oriental noodle soup, canned soups, flavored potato and corn chips, some canned gravy, frozen meals, broth, bouillon, just to name a few.

The ugly truth is that MSG is addictive. The surprise that is waiting for you is if you ask the restaurant you frequent if they have MSG in their food they may say “We don’t put MSG in our foods”, yet if

you ask to see the ingredient list, there it will be-often listed as one of the not so obvious names for MSG.

A bill called the Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act passed legislature. It actually protects corporations that place ingredients in their foods that may deliberately and intentionally cause addiction. Go on line and read for yourself the scientific studies that prove how bad MSG can be. You will find them at Pub Med (national online medical library) search for MSG and Obese. Tell people you love to read and evaluate their risks consuming foods containing MSG.

I’m always recommending eating fresh and whole foods. Here is yet another strong reason to eat healthy foods. Here’s to your health!

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