Of Earaches and Antibiotics

Of Earaches and Antibiotics

by Dr. Neifert 

A decade ago the AMA determined that antibiotic use was all too prevalent. They did their best to stop doctors from over prescribing to pediatric patients for ear infections. The number of antibiotic resistant strains had been growing and was directly attributed to drug misuse and overuse. Unfortunately doctors caved in to the pressures from sleep deprived moms and gave out the antibiotics anyway. The problem is the medical profession taught a generation of moms to come into their office and have their children checked and receive antibiotics for infections. The side effect was a whole group of new parents now being trained to only go to the medical doctor and expect an antibiotic. This in turn led to the problem of drug resistant strains that scare everyone. Recently I read an article that stated the AMA is giving up on encouraging the doctor to stop the antibiotic merry go round and educate the moms directly. Having made the transition from antibiotic use for my oldest 2 children when I was naive to my youngest 3 who have not received any antibiotics I hope to pass along some of my personal experiences.

First let me say that Antibiotics are wonderful life saving drugs that are meant to be used in life threatening situations. Generally pediatricians are very kind and give enormous amounts of time and energy to better our children’s health. They have been put into a very difficult position by the nature of the drug business. Antibiotics are not the cure all that scientists believed them to be decades ago. Diseases still exist and in fact are believed by many to be getting worse. Keeping our bodies strong is the best defense against diseases. That is where my practice comes in. Educating families to preserve their health naturally is my passion. It is not enough to say, “let’s all not take antibiotics anymore”. Without doing some preventative work it is sheer ignorance to expect a weakened physical body to just snap out of health crisis just because we would like it to.

There are some steps that will help avoid illnesses and thereby reduce the need for antibiotics at all. Get fresh air, exercise and sunshine as often as possible. Breast-feed for at least a year when possible for both infant and mothers health.  Eat well. Cook from scratch. Eat what is in season locally. Eat fresh organic foods. Avoid white flour and sugar like the scourge it is. Avoid overcooking your food.  Drink clean water. Drastically reduce milk consumption. Choose to be loving and kind versus critical.  Be proactive in health care. Don’t wait for it to be a crisis before doing something positive.  Learn how to use herbs such as garlic, Echinacea, golden seal, Astragalus  and others.  Have home remedies available to use when needed (it seems that earaches always happen on a Saturday night late). The #1 product to keep in the house for infections is ASAP Colloidal Silver. 7 drops in the ear for an hour usually will improve the earache dramatically.

The best cure though is prevention.

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