New Test helps determine Breast Cancer Risk

New Test helps determine Breast Cancer Risk

by Dr. Neifert

There are three important byproducts of estrogen in the body. They are 2 hydroxyquinone, 4 hydroxyquinone, and 16 hydroxyquinone. These are important because these compounds act as markers for how well our body breaks down estrogens and how well women are likely to avoid breast cancer. A simple urine test is able to give an accurate ratio of 2 hydroxyquinone to 16 hydroxyquinone. This ratio is one that will give the best indicator of how well the patient is doing in their lifestyle to prevent breast cancer. This knowledge is a great tool to either continue doing what is good or change what is bad to include better activities. If the ratio is out of balance we will address the specific needs of the patient to return her balance as soon as possible.

Some of the better activities include getting proper exercise, rest, and sleep. It also means avoiding undue exposure to chemicals such as pesticides, cleaning agents, and pollution. Eating a significant amount of cruciferous vegetables such as brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower gives a wonderful boost to your system to help fight off cancer. Another good vegetable group is the allium family (garlic and onions), they are also anti cancer in nature. For those of you who just said “yuck”, you may take Cruciferous Complete or Green Food from Standard Process.

This specific estrogen test is inexpensive at a cost of $99, compared to $125 – $378. It may be done noninvasively by simply collecting a urine sample. Rather than waiting to do something after cancer has begun, you may be truly prevention-oriented (mamograms are early detection) and find out just how well you are doing at processing the estrogens and transporting them out of your system.

Estrogens come from two sources, inside and outside of the body. The outside sources are not the best to use or have with you. Should you consume a large amount of traditional farm raised beef, pork or chicken you are exposing yourself to the estrogens fed to the livestock and stored in their own fats. These get passed onto you in your meal. They in turn increase your estrogen levels from the outside. Estrogens also come to you from the inside. Your body produces cholesterol to provide building blocks for your cells to make appropriate amounts of hormones including estrogens. Cholesterol is vital to keep you running well. Without it you will die. Elevated cholesterol is a symptom of another problem and not the problem itself.

Things to avoid – smoking, alcohol, over consumption of meat, estrogen laced food products, refined foods, white flour and white sugar, polyunsaturated vegetable oils, trans fatty acids, hydrogenated oils.

Things to do lots of – organic produce (vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and fruits), include lots of cruciferous and allium vegetables, clean water, deep water fish 2-3 times a week, proper oils (coconut, butter, extra virgin olive oil – do not cook with olive oil, use the coconut and butter for that), take a whole food multivitamin like Catalyn from Standard Process.

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