Infertility: There are Natural Approaches to it’s Cure

Infertility: There are Natural Approaches to it’s Cure 


By Dr. K. Shane Neifert

The desire to reproduce is built-in, physically, emotionally, and socially.  Though the nurturing instinct is strong, our abilities to conceive and bare children are not always present.  Our society as a whole has an increase in the occurrence of infertility.  Some proven causes of infertility are pollutants from our air, water, and food.  Others are stresses from emotions, physical strain, and poor nutrition habits.  The last area of concern may be genetic weakness; many imbalances follow family lines and can be traced from mother to daughter. 

Some Dentists have expressed their concern that infertility may be caused by the heavy metal intoxication of mercury found in many dental fillings.  Mercury levels in dentists and their assistants are above the average population-as is the incidence of infertility in that group.   Testing a fecal or hair sample can determine Mercury levels. It is imperative to have the mercury removed before any hormonal balance will occur.   Using chelation therapy or homeopathic and nutritional applications have been shown to reduce the stores of heavy metal in patients. 

Healthy lifestyle choices can promote hormone balance and reduce stress levels.  This requires taking more responsibility for our thoughts and actions.  Checking current hormone levels is extremely valuable to determine where a patient is.  A simple saliva sample usually details the ratio of hormones in the system.  Once the hormonal level is determined to out of balance, the right conservative treatment may be considered.  An herbal approach I have had success with is the use of the herb Tibulus distributed by Standard Process.  Clinical testing shows that many males with low sperm count improve to normal levels within 90 days.  Tibulus has the ability to improve the growth hormone levels, DHEA production, act as an adrenal tonic, and increase hypothalamus receptivity, energy levels, and libido.  When used with the Standard Process Glandular Hypothalamus PMG, it can turn around very stubborn fertility problems.

 Balanced hormonal function in women is key.  The normal female cycle is 28 days long with 4 to 5 days of menstrual flow.  Two days flow is heavy and the other three light.  The healthy balanced female will not have large clots in the flow, PMS, or cramps.  These are signs of imbalance and warning signs of complications to come.  My approach with my female patients is to promote her ability to make her own hormones and keep them in balance without outside stimulus.  Having to take a cream or pill to do the body’s work creates a lazy body.  A few of the products that work well other than Tribulus are Ovex P, Chaste Tree, Symplex F and Utrophin by Standard Process.  Ovex P is an enzyme product that helps the body make its own progesterone and has shown clinically to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding to normal levels.  Chaste tree herb has similar affects on the body by reducing estrogen production and increasing progesterone.  Symplex F serves as an endocrine nutritional support.  Utrophin is more specific for uterus nutritional help. 

Infertility based on the effects of pollution is more difficult but can be handled.  I recommend seasonal detoxification in the spring and fall.  This entails a liver flush and bowel cleanse as needed.  Unless we are consuming large quantities of organic fresh produce and avoiding stress and pollution we all could use a good cleaning in our bodies.  A good product to induce a liver flush is Livaplex by Standard Process.  It can be taken without dramatically altering the diet.  This is valuable for those of us who work and really don’t have two weeks to be on a juice/herb fast that requires a restroom close by.  The bowel cleansing products we recommend are from Arise and Shine.  Proper bowel function helps get nutrients in and toxins out.  It is basic good health.

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