Dr. Fleshman’s Zucchini and Leek Eggs

 This is a wonderful way to add some veggies to your breakfast! 
Zucchini lovers beware, this tastes wonderful!!! 

Slice three small/medium sized zucchini into coins (aprox ¼ of an inch thick) 

Slice 3 inches of a medium sized leek into rings

Onions can be substituted for leeks
Heat a medium sized skillet over medium/high heat

Season with coconut oil or butter (aprox 2/3 tablespoons)

Sauté the zucchini and the leek in the skillet till tender.  Season with Herbamare, salt and pepper, or your favorite seasoning.  Once the zucchini and the leek are tender crack 4 eggs into the skillet spacing them out over the vegetables.  Allow the egg to cook and then using a spatula flip each egg and its associated veggies separately.  (The vegetables will be flipped with the egg)  Allow the egg to finish cooking to your desired preference.  Use a spatula to put each egg and its associated veggies out onto a plate. 

This recipe will serve 4 yet if you adjust the size of your zucchini and the quantity of eggs you can vary it from two to 5 people without any problem! 


                     Whole Grain Blender Pancakes
I have been making these pancakes for over ten years now and they have to be the best tasting pancake I have ever eaten! 

Place 3/4 c of Whole Red Winter Wheat in a blender
Add 1 cup of milk (cow, soy, almond, rice, powdered, any will do)

Blend on High for 4 minutes till the wheat kernals are ground into flour.   (I use my Bosch Kitchen Machine blender but any sturdy blender will do)

     2 Eggs
     1/2 tsp Salt
     2 Tbl Sugar (honey, dehydrated cane juice, fructose, any will do)
     1 Tbl Baking Powder
     1/4 cup oil or applesause (or both, your choice)

Blend till mixed and your batter is ready for the griddle!  

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