ASAP Silver

By Dr. K. Shane Neifert

     We are losing the war against infectious diseases. Many bacteria are now resistant to the antibiotics used against them. A new version of an old product recently came to my attention that I felt was worth time and consideration.  Silver is a product that many years ago was used to purify water. A silver dollar was placed in the water or milk containers of pioneers to help purify it. In the early 1900′s as antibiotics were developed and refined, silver was used less.  Over time however, it was found that new and improved antibiotics were needed due to resistant strains of bacteria that evaded old antibiotic treatments.   This race to keep up with new antibiotics continues today.  Pediatricians are asked by the AMA to not use so many antibiotics against middle ear infections. Yet doctors are at a loss at what to do other than give pain medication to help the child wait out the infection. Those frustrated with antibiotic side effects and seeing their patients die from uncontrolled infections sought help from some old solutions.  Colloidal silver was once more considered, refined and is now manufactured and available again.  Colloidal means that the silver is suspended in a liquid substance-usually done through the use of an electric current.

      How does silver work?  The American Silver Institute stated that the reason silver kills bacteria is that “single-charged silver replaces hydrogen atoms, which supply energy to bacteria and extra-cellular viruses” Because all living organisms need a supply of energy to live, blocking that energy supply quickly kills bacteria and reduces viruses to an inert state. Silver does not target a specific mechanism that only a few bacteria use to support themselves. It involves a far more general mechanism, which makes it effective against a much wider ranger of bacteria, and viruses.”  

     Several versions of colloidal silver are available at health food stores, on line and many alternative doctor’s offices.  When seeking a source, one must consider the following: 

1. Methods for processing-was it processed in such a way that the silver particles are suspended in the liquid base-or do they sink to the bottom of the bottle?

2. Potency-or parts of silver per million, I’ve seen versions that range from 1500 ppm to .01 ppm.

It is possible to overdose on silver, visible affects of overdose are grayish skin hue, internal affects are metal toxicity.

3. Absorbtion rates-the ability of the body to absorb the silver before it is passed through the system

     I researched many colloidal silver products on the market and found only one to have a  background supported by patented manufacturing process, developed by scientists and tested by major universities, certified independent laboratories & international health consortiums, scientifically supported by completed human studies.  I also found it to be a considerably better value financially than most other silver products.  

         The brand name is ASAP.  It contains 10 ppm and has shown to be tremendously successful at killing bacteria and inhibiting fungal growth.  In the Brigham Young University microbiology lab ASAP has shown to be as successful at killing some harmful bacteria as Tetracycline, Oflxacin , Penicillin, Cefaperazone, and Erythromycin. ASAP kills bacteria without destroying the normal ‘good’ gut bacteria due to its rapid uptake into the blood stream. Antibiotics routinely destroy both good and bad bacteria in the gut.  After a round of broad-spectrum antibiotics our ‘good bacteria’ is depleted leaving us highly susceptible to the next bacterial infection to come around – until the body can reproduce the good flora that are the bacterial good guys.  Wouldn’t it be great to avoid the antibiotic side effects with a non-toxic solution that had no known side effects?

     3 hospitals in Ghana are conducting ongoing clinical trials using ASAP.  It has shown to be a wonderful alternative to antibiotic use for all kinds of infections both internal and external.  Patients have received improvement using it as a nasal wash for sinus infections, as an aid in treating upper respiratory infections, the sexual transmitted disease gonorrhea, minor cuts and infected scrapes, ear, nose and eye infections, malaria, and as a douche in treating vaginal yeast infections.  In this hospital setting, ASAP is being used both internally and externally in any place where bacteria are the source of a problem with both success and safety.  Studies at U.C. Davis also support the outstanding results and have specifically tested ASAP’s ability to stop yeast growth.

        As an advocate of preventive approaches to health, I see ASAP as a bacterial growth inhibitor when taken in small quantities when needed.  While careful about supporting specific product lines, I’m very happy with what I’ve seen in ASAP’s effectiveness and safety.  I carry it in my office and recommend its use to many of my patients.

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