Our Patients Speak

The following are St. Louis Spine & Health patient testimonials pertaining to conditions improved or overcome by self compliance to individualized treatment plans-optimizing their body’s healing potential.

  1. Shoulder Pain
  2. Becoming Frail
  3. Low energy
  4. Food Allergies
  5. Migraines / Sciatica
  6. Shingles
  7. Hives
  8. Maintain Health
  9. Detox Body
  10. Lung Cancer
  11. Thyroid
  12. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  13. Loss of Leg Function
  14. Bone Spur in Shoulder
  15. Sepsis / Frail
  16. Poor Health
  17. Skin Solved with Detox
  18. Liver Dysfunction (general health)
  19. Arthritic Arm and Hand Pain
  20. Cancer Return
  21. Fibromyalgia and Arthritis
  22. Satisfied Patient
  23. Allergies
  24. Nerve Pain
  25. Alcoholism / Depression


1. My Experience

Being a dance teacher, it is very important for me to use my arms to express myself in dance and in my teaching. When I lost almost all mobility of my right arm at the shoulder about 6 months ago, I was completely devastated. I was in a great deal of pain, and was unable to move it. Traditional doctors prescribed painkillers, and hoped for the best. I became heartbroken, because my arm did not recover. The pain did subside a bit, but the mobility did not improve. After losing my patience with painkillers and waiting, I visited several more doctors and had x-rays, EMGs and eventually was prescribed a physical therapy regiment. Yet even then after a lack of improvement, no one could offer an explanation as to my condition or what would improve it.

My husband suggested that I see a Chiropractor to see what he/she would say. Even though I was cautious at the beginning, after hearing the theory behind Chiropractic care and subluxations of the nerves, I decided to give Chiropractic care a real try. Having been under Dr. Neifert’s care for about 3 months now, I am almost completely recovered. I have regained my strength, mobility and sense of well being.

-Jennifer McCleary


2. At age 79, those so called Golden Years, were continuing to elude me. The last 5 years had certainly been anything but golden for me and I looked for nothing more the same-simply and existence-day in and day out. I struggled to hide my despondency. No one enjoys the company of a moaning, groaning old lady and I did SO want to retain a few friends, as my 80′s were fast approaching.

For quite sometime, my daughter had been pleading with me to consult with her doctor. However, as a stubborn, opinionated, know-it-all, I was not inclined to heed her advice. I was convinced there was no treatment which could restore me to the health I had previously enjoyed. She won; I made an appointment, and now today, one month later, I have a sense of well-being. The despondency is lifting and I am delighted with the changes I am experiencing. I feel stronger and though I have my “up and down days” my up days for surpass the down ones. I am convinced that the days ahead of me can indeed be golden and what a joy that is!!

Thank you, Dr. Neifert.

Paula Berg

3. I am a skeptic with a capital S.

I never had much use for chiropractors, feeling they were just glorified physical therapists, but I was wrong. A friend asked me to go to a seminar about osteoporosis with her to get a free bone density test. FREE was the operative word, so I went. I was very impressed with the speaker, Dr. K. Shane Neifert of St. Louis Spine & Health Center. He spoke of the connections that our emotions, nutrition, exercise, sleep; work, etc. are all dependent on each other to make us a balanced, healthy person. I was so impressed, I decided to go and see him for an evaluation.

For the past several years, I have been tired all the time with no energy or desire to do anything except sleep. I just kept blaming it on depression after my husband’s death and on the after affects of the radiation treatments I received. After a short consultation in the office, I went to a treatment room for my evaluation. I found I was running on a very low battery, so to speak. I can’t explain it, but after just that one visit and treatment (which did not involve popping bones) I feel much better. I know I still have a long way to go, but at least now I know there is help for me that does not involve medications like I’ve been taking. All the prescription medication I have been on has not helped me near as much as just a few visits with Dr. Neifert. I will definitely tell people about this.

Renee Armon

4. I was very close to death in 1998, when I met this amazing man. I knew that when we met that my prayers were finally heard and answered. He was one of the most compassionate and caring persons I have ever met. He gave me hope. He taught me so much about the whole body, not just the physical. He taught me how to balance my energies and he has taught me and supported me through the most challenging four years of my life.

I was misdiagnosed and I had low thyroid, and through his muscle testing, he discovered an underlying weakness. He gave me supplements and things to take to detox my body and to rebalance it. He found out my food allergies, the main one being soy and lecithin. He performed a hair analysis and found the rest of what was harming me… residuals of medicines. I am alive, thanks to him. To those of you who come to see him. Remember that healing takes time, so do not be discouraged. Be patient, we did not get sick over night. This man is a very gifted Healer. He takes the time to help you understand. His heart is full of compassion. And most of all he cares.

Thank You, Dr. Neifert.

M.M.S St. Louis, MO

5. I initially started seeing Dr. Neifert for my blinding and debilitating migraines and sciatic lower back pain. After just a short while my migraines that were plaguing me almost daily, came to a complete stop. In the past 18 months I’ve only had two migraines and both were very short lived. I’m convinced that my biweekly visits have kept me, as well as, my 2.5 year old daughter extremely healthy.

My daughter, who I adopted one year ago from Russia, was being exposed to hundreds of germs and getting infections at her new day care. For the first three months we both were very sick. Dr. Neifert suggested homeopathy as an alternative to all the pediatrician visits and prescriptions. What a difference homeopathy has made to our lives! ! We are both very healthy, which I attribute to Dr. Neifert’s gentle touch and his homeopathic alternative approach.

Kim Hermann

6. Greetings:

My name is Barbara Altman. I have been a patient here since December 2001. Over the years, I have experienced health problems that have affected me mentally, physically, and emotionally. When I was in my teens, I was psychotic, depressed, obese and in a constant fog. The psychotic episodes ended when I was 19. In the following years, while not psychotic, I was still in constant brain fog. (I also was epilectic). Once I made the decision to go sugar free, the seizures stopped but the brain fog continued. In the insuing years, I continued to search for natural ways to heal my body.

I came to Dr. Neifert last December with a case of shingles, and a precancerous liver condition. Energy work that Dr. Neifert did with me cleared up both conditions. I am now sleeping through the night (unless it storms). I got rid of the shingles in 2 weeks when it can take up to a year, and my liver is functioning at 74% capacity when it was previously at 32%.

Thank you Dr. Neifert.

7. I had terrible chronic hives all over my body from and undetermined source. My lips swelled, my eyes swelled, I had terrible heartburn related to the hives, which covered my face and the trunk of my body. My allergist kept adding more medicines to my daily list including increasing dosages of steroids. This traditional approach was not doing much to relieve the hives. After one treatmet with Dr. Neifert on a Friday, and by Monday, the hives were practically gone. On Tuesday, I took my last dose of Prednisone.

Although, I am still taking antihistamines, the difference in the way I feel is night and day. Before coming here, the hives kept getting worse and no medicines could absolutely control them. It was scary. Now, I don’t feel like my body is totally out of control!

Hadley Schindler/Contract Attorney/Mother of 4

8. I have been treated by Dr. Neifert on an “as needed” basis for well over two years now. Life has a tendency to deal out those unexpected accidents and health situations that can really disrupt our ability to function normally. Each time I sought his help for various neck and back problems, etc. I was scheduled promptly, treated, and have been very satisfied with the healing results.

The St. Louis Spine and Health office incorporates a very holistic approach to each situation and in so doing can bring hope and help to situations that may seem so helpless at times. The chiropractic techniques used by Dr. Neifert are very accurate and seem to zero right in on the areas requiring attention. If you work with him and follow his advice I doubt if you will be disappointed. A visit to Dr. Neifert’s office can additionally bring further knowledge and education on the areas of holistic healing that can further enhance our overall health in the immediate and long term. The latest research on various health topics is always available through brief discussion at the time of your treatment and additionally through his series of written articles and generous comprehensive community lectures offered freely by Dr. Neifert at various times.

They say to always question your doctor – and every time I did this at the St. Louis Spine and Health center I came out a better educated person for having asked the question. I find that all questions are not only answered in a very sincere and professionally courteous manner, but I always feel that this is all part of the healing process encouraged by Dr. Neifert.

Now for an interesting experiment to try – use the “Clorox Soak” on wilted Romaine lettuce, and do it exactly as specified in an article written by Dr. Neifert for “The Healthy Planet” periodical. It is an easy process of food preparation invented and used with successful results by Hazel Parcells, N.D for forty years. I was amazed at how it brought new fresh appearance, texture and storage longevity to what was really old looking Romaine lettuce purchased on sale at a produce store several times. If I hadn’t done it myself I never would have believed it works. It has worked on other items with similar results. After storing the prepared produce, I additionally always rinse it well in fresh water just before I consume it. I read the Peace Corps also uses this Clorox Soak technique in foreign countries to help protect against dangerous parasites, bacteria, fungi, pesticides, etc. that may be on various food items. In addition to what I have seen, if it proves to do all that is claimed for it safely, the Clorox soak is really an interesting health practice to try.

P.M. in St.. Louis, MO.

9. Ion Foot Cleanse Experience

After a session or two, I began to experience more stamina that before. Last year (2004), I was able to work in my garden, a favorite activity, for about two hours before soreness and weariness began to hamper my gardening. This year, I am able to work three or four hours caring for the garden without becoming exhausted and forced to quit. More good news: There was not a day or two of recovery from sore muscles or aching back, either. Now it’s every day doing what I like!

C.R. 05/20/05

10. In the late fall of 2003, my life changed completely.

I had a bronchoscopy, which suggested I had lung cancer. My physician referred me to a specialist for surgery. After surgery I was told I had inoperable lung cancer, stage 3B. The surgery was in vain. It was suggested that I go home and take care of my affairs. After the initial shock passed, with the help of family and friends, I decided to concentrate on getting well instead of preparing to die. I have young children and I was determined to raise them, no matter what anyone said. The oncologist had offered radiation therapy and I agreed to do that.

My sister is a patient of Dr. Neifert. She spoke to him about me and asked if there was anything else they could be doing for me. He suggested several things, but emphasized he would really like to see me first. The problem was I live in Indiana. My sister said I could be here on the weekend. Dr. Neifert agreed to give up his Saturday, meet me at the office, do an evaluation and suggest alternative forms of treatment. He did so, that Saturday and many more Saturdays to come. He was caring, compassionate, and comforting. Dr. Neifert stressed the importance of having a positive attitude, following a regular regime of eating healthy, getting sufficient rest and using his natural supplements and suggested methods to focus on attaining wellness. I made a commitment to work hard and stay focused. My family and friends were also committed to helping me attain my goal. I truly did believe my body could heal itself.

In spring of 2004, I went back to the Oncologist for a CT scan. To all our amazement (and my relief), the tumor had disappeared! My family and I were ecstatic. I continue to be monitored (monthly check-ups for quite some time – now quarterly) with chest x-rays, blood work and CT scans.

I am still healthy and cancer free.

I love every day I have and make the most of it. I am raising my children and enjoying every moment of it. I still eat healthy, make sure my body gets enough rest and take a lot of the supplements Dr. Neifert had suggested. I am very grateful that I have Dr. Neifert in my life and that he shared his healing talents with me.

Thank you, Dr. Neifert.

R.H. Indiana

11. Thanks Giving. . . Dear Dr. Neifert,

I wanted to write you to thank you for all that you have done for my daughter and myself. I first came to you 2 years ago looking for help with my back and thyroid. At my first visit, I was amazed at your muscle response technique for back adjustments. It worked.

I have seen several chiropractors for many years and in just one adjustment, I felt more relief than imagined. I was happy to see that you used great nutrition and had the skill to ask my body what it needed. My health greatly improved following your instructions. You helped my thyroid and pituitary glands work so that my hormones balanced. Your most intriguing skills were the energy balancing and EFT techniques. I am grateful for the ways you helped my mind to stop cycling in unhealthy ways. I want to thank you for going out of your way many times to help Brooke. I believe she was able to wait for her liver transplant because you were one of her angels. Thank you for helping us to have better health and happier lives. I will always be grateful for your skills, your loving personality and your faith and inspiration.

We love you.

C. & B. P. (shared with permission)

12. In the spring of 2001, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an auto-immune disease. I had gone to five different physicians, each thinking something different, from Lupus to heart disease. Finally, settling with a rheumatologist I began a regimen of prescribed prednisone, bextra, hydroxycholoraquine, methotrexate, and diprolene lotion. I also began to experience the many side affects of each one. At times the pain, inflammation, stiffness and lack of sleep were intolerable. I had to sleep with a pillow between my knees and always in a fetal position. My body was so inflamed that it appeared that I was burning myself from inside out and the texture of my skin changed. I could not kneel on my knees and I had to walk down stairs backwards; as my sister says, “like a horse backing out of a trailer.” This has been continuous until two months ago.

I was referred to Dr. Neifert because of an injury to my lower back. I was skeptical and it took me three weeks to make the appointment. Well, since my initial treatment to the present, I am happy to report that I have decreased my medications in half. I am able to actually get on my knees to pray and clean and walk down stairs forward which is a major feat. So, cheers and praises for Dr. Neifert and his staff.

E. Womble.

P.S. My mother says that my attitude has improved as well.

13. A Tale of Two Legs.

Years ago, after the birth of my twins in the mid 1980’s, I noticed that my legs were beginning to have some unusual feelings. The right leg in particular had a tingly, different feeling. At first I decided to ignore the odd feelings and go on with my busy life with the children. As time passed, the feelings became worse. The sensations became more painful, then numb. The numbness led to a genuine concern over what was going on. I sought medical attention. Tests were ordered in an attempt to uncover what the problem was. Primary doctors suggested specialists, specialists suggested more tests. All of the tests came back negative. This proved both a relief for what it was not and a concern for what it might still be. What was it? Physical therapy was unsuccessful and drugs were unable to change the unknown cause of my leg problems.

More time went by and I determined to go on with life. As months turned into years and the twins were in high school, my legs began to get worse. The bad days were becoming more frequent while the good days were becoming less frequent. My right leg had become completely numb and “log like”, not unlike Captain Ahab’s wooden leg. I was unable to pick my foot up to walk normally. I would actually swing it out to the side in order to avoid dragging my toes with every step. Stairs were also difficult to negotiate. Each step was kicked with my right foot because of my inability to lift my knee high enough to clear the step. Crossing my right leg became a distant memory. I could no longer keep the right leg over the left without holding it there with my hands. Balance had become more difficult, in 2003, due to my left leg now losing its feeling as well. Friends had grown accustomed to knowing that I could only go just so far on shopping trips. Walking had become a major chore. Just getting around unassisted was vanishing quickly from my future. What was coming was a cane, walker or wheel chair? Doctors were still only able to say what it was not and not what it was. My function was fading quickly at the end of 2003.

I had a few appointments with Dr. Neifert a couple of years or so ago, but had not really followed through with consistent care. Now all hope had been practically lost and desperation was setting in. As I came into Dr. Neifert’s office, it was obvious that I was having difficulty walking. I was holding onto the walls. Dr. Neifert does not give up easily. With a brief encouraging discussion on the possibilities of distressing the nerve pathways that communicate, I was determined to give adjustments and consistent visits a try. Within a few weeks (2 to 3) I began to see small changes. I began to have pain where my leg had been numb. Then I was able to lift up my right leg and the toes started to respond to muscles. There began to be comments from friends that I was walking smoother. I began to walk further distances. I now could cross my own leg without assistance from my hands to get it there or keep it in position. Soon, my right leg no longer felt like a log. As the nerves began to come back around, it began to feel like my left leg.

Tears of joy were shed to celebrate changes that gave hope for the time being and a renewed hope that an improved gait would bring new opportunities to enjoy activities that had not seemed possible just a few short months before.

Vicki Lucas – St. Louis

This example of Vicki’s experience reminds us to give our bodies half and chance and never give up hope. Dr. Neifert

14. This is a true experience. . .

I was having trouble with my right shoulder. My first stop was to an orthopedic M.D. who, after x-rays and an MRI, told me I had a spur on my shoulder and a tear in my rotator cuff. He wanted to operate orthoscopically. I was told it would be a 6 month healing process before I was back to “normal.” At the time, I had discomfort during sleep and when I moved my arm across my body. After several chiropractic treatments the ache was diminished and I could sleep through the night and be ache free. Now, after 90 days, there is no ache, no discomfort and I can perform daily tasks with ease. When I started with Dr. Neifert, I must confess, I was skeptical but after the results I achieved, I recommend the doctor to all my friends.

Art Silver

St. Louis, MO

15. November 2005—

My dad was an active 82-year-old who enjoyed fishing, walks and working in the yard, when he got very sick in March of 2003. He had pneumonia and was on a respirator for three days. While he was recovering from that, it was determined that he needed a pacemaker. After several weeks of hospitalization, he came home. He had made some recovery when he started getting fevers. By the end of August, he was in the hospital with an infection in the blood, probably from the pacemaker. (They could not pinpoint the infection). He had several weeks of antibiotic IVs, both in the hospital and at home. Then, in November, the infection came back again. More IV antibiotics.

My dad and I had been going to Dr. Neifert before he got sick. When my dad got very ill, Dr. Neifert had supplements and therapies to help him. I am sure that Dr. Neifert’s treatments have not only extended my dad’s life, but gave him quality of life. Whenever my dad starts to get weak or ill, I take him to Dr. Neifert’s for treatment and every time my dad has made a come-back. Now, my dad is back to fishing with his son and grandson and I get to go for walks with my dad.

Geralyn Hall


16. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Dr. Neifert about 5 years ago now. I am one of those people who asks a million and one questions, Dr. Neifert shared his knowledge freely and has helped me understand important truths which has enabled me to be healthy today.

When I first walked through the door of his office I was literally on deaths doorstep. With his abilities, skills and advice I was able to have health I had never experienced before in my life. (Thank you Dr. Neifert!) Even better, is that he has taught me how to maintain being healthy; which has blessed our family in so many ways! Life is so much richer when we are functioning the way we were designed to.

Dr. Neifert has the abilities and the talents to help one heal from so much. Everything from balancing your energy, helping free your body of negative emotions to finding individual solutions to difficult problems. I have been especially impressed that he is willing to go the second mile to find answers to our specific health concerns and problems.

I think one the greatest things we have learned from Dr. Neifert is to take control of our lives, to be accountable for our choices. We hold so much power in our own hands.

Dr. Neifert is a gifted healer and has a great desire to use his abilities to help others, let him help you! Give healing and being healthy a try! It has changed ours lives!

Jennifer B. Washington, MO.

17. When I developed a skin condition, I chose to see Dr. Neifert instead of an M.D. who would have given me a steroid dose pack and some cream.

I felt that my system was toxic and elected to do a series of de-toxing foot soaks. In the process, my skin condition has improved, my energy level has increased and I am more focused and centered.

Thank you, Dr. Neifert

Evelyn McEvoy

18. January 2006

I have known Dr. Neifert for 7 years and came to him in a pretty normal healthy state but from time to time have been challenged with conditions such as eczema, sluggish liver function, back pain, sleep disorder and several others that I probably can’t recall right now. How many doctors do you know of that can treat you for all of these conditions in the same office, during the same visit, for a reasonable price? I don’t know of two!

I have found him to be empathetic, a good listener, excellent with healing and highly ethical. I have spent probably 1/10th the money getting myself back to health as I would have anywhere else. He is a fine chiropractor and generally knows a great deal about the most common and even some of the more complicated issues that we spend lots of money on, time away from work and many frustrated nights wondering about our well being. I encourage you to consider his alternative methods and trust in his work. He is the Best!!!!!

Judy Smith – Office Assistant

19. January 2006

I can’t say enough about the excellent care I received from Dr. Neifert at the St. Louis Spine & Health Center. As a 78-year-old woman, I have not had much opportunity to receive chiropractic treatment in my life. As I have begun to experience many health issues in the past few years, I have also noticed that my energy level has become virtually non-existent. My daughter, who is a nurse, suggested that I go to see Dr. Neifert. Since I have begun receiving treatments with him, I have noticed my energy level has risen dramatically. The pain that I have been experiencing all over has been alleviated. This is great for me since I love to play the piano and that was becoming more difficult due to the pain in my arms and hands. Now I can again play the piano in a pain-free manner.

Thank you Dr. Neifert, as you have won this 78-year-old skeptic over!


20. January 23, 2006

Dear Dr. Neifert,

I want to thank you for your work which I believed helped make the difference in what was all but a death sentence. When I say work, I’m not just talking about the treatments. It was the guidance, the mentoring, the support and the genuine concern that was always there for me. Things were always explained to me and I was never pressured into treatments or products. It was always a relaxed environment that made me feel like family with you and Sharon.

When I was told that the cancer was back, I knew there just had to be another way. I was referred to you by an unusual encounter but whatever it was, it was the way I was looking for. My life and my health are better for it. I will always be a patient and I will continue to refer you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Greg Harris

  1. February 2006

Dear Dr. Neifert,

This is the second letter to thank you for your service to our family. I hope this can be a testimonial that will support others in their search for the help that you can provide.

Thank you for your insight and knowledge that you share for our health. I have never felt better! I just celebrated my 40th birthday and I feel like a kid again.

It is hard to believe that five years ago the medical doctors diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and arthritis and told me to go home. There wasn’t much they could do for me. I hurt so badly then that I used to cry myself to sleep.

I am healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually because of your help.

My family, daughter and two sons, have also greatly benefited by your nutritional help. Both CF kids are gaining weight and my other son is getting stronger against colds.

Oh, how I wish we lived closer so that we could see you as our chiropractor. Your adjustments get to the heart of the problem and last much longer.

Thank you for all that you have done. You are a great gift.

Cheryl Porter

22. Dr. K. Shane Neifert is everything to everyone. If you’re lucky enough to have found him, good for you. With knowledge and a sense of humor, plus compassion, he helps to heal from the inside out. His expertise in manipulation and acupuncture is beyond reproach. He is spiritual and calming and if you haven’t got it yet, I highly recommend being his patient for whatever ails you. He has helped me through a very difficult time. For that I am ever so grateful.

Thank you Dr. Neifert

Lynda Schwartz

23. Testimony of Reginald Ellison

I’ve suffered from allergies for years. I was allergic to grass, pollen, ragweed, mold, dust and so forth. Just recently my allergies had gotten steadily worse. My eyes would swell up for no apparent reason. My allergist told me that now I had developed food allergies and recommended a strict diet, along with shots. A good friend recommended I seek another form of treatment through Dr. Neifert. I was a little skeptical about seeing a chiropractor for treating my allergies, but was willing to give it a try. At my first visit, Dr. Neifert ran some tests and then treated me for my specific ailments. Since then, I have had no problems with my allergies and I did not have to go on a strict diet. This was all done without shots. I am no longer a skeptic, but a true believer and continue to see him. Thank you for changing my life, Dr. Neifert.

  1. September 2007

Dr. Neifert,

This letter is to thank you for listening to my problems and taking such good care of me during my extreme pain. You showed much needed empathy and patience. I really appreciate everything you did to rid my body of the devastating pain and continue to keep me that way, since coming to you approximately one year ago.

When I first came to you, I could only sleep two to three hours a night. Now, I can sleep six to eight hours without any problems.

Thanks also to the staff. They are always courteous and helpful. I feel that God is ever present in Dr. Neifert’s office. I am very grateful.


Leland Street

25. I am a 58 year old female with several health conditions. Primary is Alcoholism/Depression. Second being obesity and third, severe bunions and hammertoes on feet.

I have been seeing Dr. Neifert since 1999 and have found that he is truly holistic in his approach/methods. He has treated me for all the above conditions and the results I have received are phenomenal! His office visits are VERY reasonable in cost and he is a one stop doctor, meaning he can do it ALL.

I encourage you to follow the plan he provides you with and trust in his philosophy because in my opinion, he is a Miracle Worker. I don’t even carry medical insurance because medical doctors are not necessary FOR ME when I have Dr. Neifert. JUST MY PERSONAL OPINION!

He is highly skilled in the areas of nutrition, emotional illnesses, hormonal balance and of course body structure and balance, just to mention a few.

You will certainly get your money’s worth and feel better too if you will just follow his prognosis to the letter.

Anonymously Yours in Health

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