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Patients’ Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q. – Describe your services.

A. -St Louis Spine & Health Center is for people that desire to improve or maintain their health using natural approaches. Patients ranging from newborns to great grandparents appreciate staying well through natural means.

Q. – How does your healing modality work?

A. – Correcting the weakest link enables a patient to make their own recovery. We facilitate your improvement through natural healing talents.

Q. – How do you see your services evolving over the next three years?

A- I see maintaining what are tried and true methods of recovery and adding new methods that speed the recovery process. I have always been open to positive changes in my health care delivery. Not a month goes by that I don’t learn something new that may be applied to existing and future patients. I see St. Louis Spine & Health Center involved in community outreach in order to educate the public on the basics of prevention for their future health.

Q. – What are the benefits/results people see? 

A. – Most people regain their lost health. It is exciting and very satisfying to see results that patients didn’t expect. Delivering more benefit that initially desired is a wonderful feeling.

Q. – Why do people come to see you?

A. – Many have experienced other complimentary practitioners and desire to have someone that consolidates multiple areas of concern. Such as energy balancing and chiropractic care or nutrition and emotional release technique. We guess they come mostly because others have been helped and are brought in by friends or family or referred.

Q. – Who is an ideal client?

A. – An ideal client is an open-minded individual that recognizes their role in regaining and maintaining their health. They are willing to expend some effort to learn how to better care for themselves and ask questions in areas of concern. They realize that healing takes time, yet expect results and are willing to change where it is necessary to see the improvements desired. They are willing to follow instructions given and ask questions when they need to.

Q. – What makes you different/good at what you do? 

A.  I’m very intuitive in my work. I have learned to better follow the promptings that come for the patient’s benefit. I see each new patient without preconceived ideas about their care. I listen and examine in order to customize care based on the patient’s specific needs.  

Q. – Describe your healing philosophy.

A. – Remove the interference with the body’s function and let healing begin. Or in other words fill in the missing pieces and watch the body’s amazing recovery take place.

Q. – Describe your style or approach.

A. – St. Louis Spine & Health offers natural ways to regenerate and maintain health. After a brief consultation that allows the patient an opportunity to review their concerns and desires and we ask questions as needed to clarify concerns about the patients condition. An exam is performed where the areas of structure, energy balance, emotions and nutrition are evaluated. Should there be a concern about allergies that may be addressed as well, though usually on following visits as required. After the report of findings that covers what was determined from the exam, the patients questions are answered and they are given the opportunity to begin care if it is felt their conditions may be helped best with our services.

We address structural needs through chiropractic care. There are several methods of adjusting that we use. We prefer to use only as much force as necessary to facilitate the body’s healing. Adjusting the spine may be accomplished by light finger pressure for some patients, a tool called an activator that quickly adjusts the spine for others, while occasionally we also use the traditional method called diversified that uses the hands to alter the position of the joints. A blocking technique for others may be very useful to alter the pelvis alignment and improve the function of the spine.

Energetic balances are evaluated and corrected using varied techniques of acupuncture, acupressure, chakra balancing and Dr. Neifert’s own intuitive approach.

Emotional blocks are solved through EFT technique eliminating emotional loops that sabotage progress.

Nutritional deficiencies are evaluated using symptom surveys, reflex points and intuitive approaches. Whole food supplements are used to allow optimal body utilization.

Patients are seen as individuals with unique needs. Our services are adapted to the needs of the person.

Q. – Why do you do what you do?

A. I love helping people improve their health. I enjoy seeing the variety of conditions I do. Being able to help people achieve their personal health goals is very gratifying. Using my talents on their behalf helps everyone involved.

Q. – What is your education and training?

A.  BA Communications from Brigham Young University

DC Logan College of Chiropractic

Meridian therapy / Acupuncture / Acupressure as post graduate studies

Q. – How many years have you been professionally practicing?

A. -  Since 1994

Q. – What are your contributions/publications?

A. Articles for the Healthy Planet and Spirit Seeker

Web site

Book: Natural Pathways to Optimal Health

Q. – Describe a typical appointment.

A. – Visit with the patient about changes seen from the last visit. Ask about their concerns or questions. Evaluate and treat energy imbalances with kenesiology stimulating acupressure points with fingers or demagnitizer. Evaluate and adjust the spine and joints using kinesiology to determine what patient’s body desires to change first. Adjust with an Activator instrument or other technique as needed. Determine their needs for emotional release work and nutritional supplementation.

Q. – How long is a typical appointment?

A. – The 1st visit is usually 45 minutes.  The following visits are 10 to 15 minutes each.

Q. – Describe your office or treatment room.

A. – Classical music is playing or other mellow, calm instrumental that enhances the feeling of relaxation in the office. You will be greeted with a smile by Sharon. She helps our patients feel comfortable and answers questions or concerns relating to day to day operations. She is fabulous with all of our patients. There are live plants around the office that are flourishing beautifully and giving us fresh air to breathe. Artwork is displayed helping to set the mood of healing in the office. Colors in the office are in earth tones, complimented by natural wood and brass, all being accented with other healing colors. We encourage our patients to relax. The peaceful atmosphere allows our patients to feel at home. Our favorite place to work on patients is the bay of second story windows that looks out over the trees in the neighborhood. It is marvelous site to see monarch butterflies pass by at eye level on a fall afternoon when the colors of the trees are vibrant. Sunsets are pretty cool too.
Q. – How should someone prepare for a session?

A. – Make notes about personal goals for health, such as what to achieve or what to avoid. Go to the web site and review information there to answer as many questions as possible. Prepare to begin making necessary changes to reach goals that are set.

Q. – What are your office hours?

A.  Monday through Thursday 9am – 1pm, 3pm – 6pm
Friday 9am – 12 noon,
Saturdays as announced (usually 4th Saturday of month)

Q. – What is the fee?

A. – Consultation no charge

Exam $60

Office visit $45

Extra Time of 15 minute intervals $45

Q. – Do you take insurance.

A. – Yes, all insurance is filed. We are providers for many different plans.

Q. – Is there a cancellation policy?

A. – 24-hour notification is preferred to allow us to fill the time slot for others.

Q. – What else might someone want to know about you?

A.  I practice what I preach.  I expect my patients to improve, it is unusual for them not to.

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